30 Questions Parents Should Ask When Choosing A School post-Covid?

Covid has changed the way we live. You are scouting for schools that adapt to the new normal and adhere to the safest possible health and hygiene practice.

What are the questions that you should ask before enrolling your child for one? Read to get answers to your query and understand how Sri Sri Academy, Hyderabad gets it right:

1. What is the staff-student ratio?

At Sri Sri Academy, we will maintain a healthy 10:1 ratio of students: staff. Your child’s safety is paramount, and till the pandemic subsides, we hope to continue with the same.

2. How do you check if the school has excellent hygienic & sanitation processes in place?

Sri Sri Academy has ensured each work area’s sanitisation, every class, laboratory, each corner to guarantee a sterile and hygienic space for all the students, educators, school staff, visitors, etc.

3. What is the quality of the washroom?

Parents are welcome to take a school tour and inspect our washroom. We believe that every corner of the school should be clean, hygienic and in spic-n-span condition.

Scheduled washroom checks and cleaning are conducted multiple times a day to ensure this.

4. Is there a fumigation/sanitisation process?

We have specialist staff who ensure that sanitisation is done from floor to ceiling and no corner is left. This applies to the school garden, kitchen, toilets, classrooms, etc.

We use safe and government-approved cleaners that won’t be a threat to your child and ensure that they can run and play freely.

5. Is there two-level security?

Along with multiple cameras on each floor, no visitors are allowed with a thorough inspection. Guards are patrolling the campus.

Our campus is huge, and that’s why we have 24×7 surveillance along with fenced boundaries to prevent trespassing of any kind.

6. Is your school environment friendly and away from noise and pollution?

Our huge campus is landscaped with natural greenery. There are vast open fields that are maintained to balance harmony with nature. We teach kids farming on the premises too.

Our students interact with animals and pets from an early age to help them learn more about nature. With environment-friendly landscaping with lush greenery and lots of trees, your child is in a safe haven.

7. What is the density of students on the campus?

At Sri Sri Academy, there are only 6-10 kids in a classroom! This implies a better focus on kids. It also means a safe environment for the kids.

8. What is the campus size?

Our campus size is spread across 5-acres with more than 1.17 lacs of square feet area. An expansive campus like ours means that there’s room to fit a whole range of facilities for our kids.

Sri Sri Academy is spread across acres of land. Plenty of open area means that kids are not restricted to overstuffed, musty spaces where the risks of infection are higher.

Teachers regularly monitor corridors, playgrounds, etc., to ensure that students are within a healthy distance of each other.

9. Does the school have strong immunity-booster activities?

While breathing exercises are encouraged in many different schools, it has been a part of our school practice for years at Sri Sri Academy. Breathing exercises help boost immunity.

It is a manipulation of breathing movement and is known to positively affect immune function, autonomic nervous system imbalances, and psychological or stress-related disorders.

Everyday activities start with Kriya at Sri Sri!

10. What extra or value-added activities are there in the school?

We believe in helping the students discover new hobbies and innate talents. Our list of activities include

• Animal husbandry
• Farming
• Taekwondo
• Classical dance
• Volleyball
• Basketball
• Skating
And a whole lot more!

11. Do you have yoga & meditation?

At Sri Sri, yoga and meditation are a part of our everyday routine! Children are encouraged to embrace it as part of their lifestyle. We incorporate the Art of Living mantra into our curriculum to help children strive for a healthy balance of emotional and physical health.

12. Is the school international?

Yes, we are an international presence and have tied up with schools worldwide as part of our partnership program.

13. Do you accommodate weaker students?

We differentiate from other schools, and we distinguish in the classroom because each child is different. We are no there to make intelligent kids smarter. At Sri Sri each child can develop his or her strength.

Our school has identified a wide gap among highly intellectual society and educators and the familiar parents and guardians. We work on the child’s emotional well being. Teachers develop interest and passion in a child for study, and the day child starts developing curiosity and interest in studies.

14. Do you have Robotics and Artificial Intelligence?

Sri Sir Academy strives to strike a balance between modern and traditional. And that’s why Robotics and AI as subjects of study have been introduced.

15. Do you have a well-spread lunch room?

We ensure that students maintain social distancing of at least 2 meters or 6 feet. In our expansive lunchrooms and cafeterias, kids can enjoy meals with friends while keeping a safe distance.

16. Do you have an expansive playground?

We strongly believe that sports help to build character and teach the importance of discipline in life. Additionally, it also inculcates a respect for rules and allows the participants to learn the value of self-control. Our sports facilities include special activities for the younger ones too.

• Cricket
• Football
• Volleyball
• Skating
• Table Tennis
• Gymnasium and Children’s Park
• Carrom and Chess
• Yoga

17. How do you make boarding safer for children?

We have boarding facilities at our premises. There are separate dormitories available for boys and girls. Food served at the premises is healthy, nutritious, and delicious to suit kids’ growing requirements.

Our facilities are well-sanitised. All the meals are cooked in a healthy environment under the guidance of a nutritionist.

18. Are there in bunker beds to maximise safety?

Understanding risks associated with bunk beds and parents worries, we’ve avoided bunk beds. Yes, it means more space occupied, but we’ve stuck to standard beds to ensure the safety of your child.

19. Is there a warden staying on the same floor along with the students?

We have a warden on each floor. It’s a measure to ensure that the children are under adult supervision at all times.

20. What about a study room?

We don’t want our children to study when they have fun and vice versa. Students are encouraged to finish their work and study in the study room. When in their dorms, we expect them to connect with friends and enjoy themselves.

21. What about nutrition?

Our hygienic cafeteria serves fresh, home-cooked style food. We offer ample variation to keep the kids interested in what they eat.

Our meals are in tandem with the World Health Organisation guidelines to boost immunity.

22. Are you ensuring that the swimming pool is not activated?

During the Covid period, we’ve drained the swimming pool and set up parameters to keep it off-limits.

23. Are there any hidden charges?

Transparent ethics is something we strongly believe in. What we print is what we charge.

24. Can the school handle hyperactive kids?

We understand that not all kids are the same. Hyperactive kids are usually avoided by most academic institutions but not ours.

We nurture and help the child focus this extra energy on activities that require patience and concentration. This helps in combating problems like ADD or attention deficit disorder.

25. Do you have to provide counselling to help fight stress and anxiety?

Our school undertakes regular counselling sessions for kids to help them overcome any academic or personal stress they may feel.

26. How do you ensure regular hand washing & cleansing?

Students are encouraged to wash hands at Sri Sri Academy as it is a more effective practice. They are monitored during the process to ensure it’s done correctly. We use medicated liquid soaps at school.

27. Do kids get ample sunlight?

At Sri Sri, kids enjoy a lot of outdoor time and play in the expansive garden to get active and enjoy natural light.

28. Are regular temperature checks done at school?

Our school takes pride in monitoring people who are entering the school premises to minimise exposure and threat to the disease.

29. Do you have in-house health experts?

Yes, we have in-house health experts for the safety of our students. They are trained nurses and physicians to attend to the requirements of children.

30. Do mid-school students wear face masks?

We encourage students to wear masks to school for their safety. Teachers and staff follow the same protocol.

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