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<p class=”text-black”><b>Sri Sri Academy Wins Eduleaders Award for ‘Excellence in Teaching Pedagogy! </b></p>
Sri Sri Academy, Hyderabad has won the award for ‘Excellence in Teaching Pedagogy’. The organisation commemorated the school for its extraordinary contribution to the education sector in the 9th Eduleaders Virtual Summit &amp; Award 2021. The award ceremony was held on Friday, 19th February 2021

Sri Sri Academy is not just a regular brick-mortar school building. It is a holistic environment where kids thrive! The CBSE affiliated school has a sprawling 5-acre campus and maintains excellent hygiene and safety. With a student: staff ratio of just 10:1, the school has only 60 students per acre on the campus

It is founded by the SSRVM Trust and led by HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s guiding principles — a humanitarian, spiritual leader and an ambassador of peace and human values.

Under his guidance, the school aims to provide value-based education in a friendly, stress-free environment.

The institute provides world-class holistic education that aims to bring about the students’ personalities by facilitating Cognitive, Physical, Emotional, Social, and Spiritual growth.

From the Art of Living to the Art of Learning — they equip students with modern tools and the spiritual &amp; physical strength needed to face the modern world’s challenges.

The award session was conducted on Zoom.

<p class=”text-black”><b>Sri Sri Academy Hyderabad nominated for “Best School of the Year 2020”</b></p>
National Educational Excellence Awards &amp; Conference 2020 have nominated Sri Sri Academy Hyderabad for the “Best School of the Year 2020” in Telangana Award under the “Quality Academics &amp; Leading Infrastructure” category.

<p class=”text-black”><b>Sri Sri Academy Receives Best School of the Year 2020</b></p>
National Educational Excellence Awards And Conference 2020 awards Sri Sri Academy the “Best School of the Year 2020” in Telangana Award under “Quality Academics &amp; Leading Infrastructure.”

Sri Sri Academy Hyderabad was selected for the prestigious National Educational Excellence Awards &amp; Conference 2020. Alongside, the organisation also nominated the school in the “50 Most Promising Educational Institutes of India 2020” category.

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